Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week in Review - The One with Knights, T-Rex and Sunburns

So much has gone on this week I can't even remember what all we did. That's crazy, huh? Here's a brief look at what all we had going on this week.

On the School Front... We have been trying some new things around here. You know those times when your planner says you're a week behind and you can't seem to catch up? Yeah. Well , grammar and writing are telling me that so we are working along. I'm stopping the let's catch up mentality and just going with where we are.

Math and Science we just got new curriculums to review and can't wait to share them with you. They are both online and Boo Bear really seems to enjoy that. I also started our Clever Dragon subscription as that has all subjects and he enjoys doing that program as well. I'm trying to shake it up a bit as we have seemed kind of monotonous and boring lately. Can't let that happen! He also seems to flourish online instead of sitting, writing and doing worksheets right now.

Life... We had two doctors appointments this week. Boo Bear's eye doctor went awesome. His vision is great and some problems they noticed are correcting themselves. Thankful for that report! That trip led us to see on of Boo Bear's favorite dinosaurs as well. The city where his eye doctor is is also where the museum of history is. He has a blast there and when we heard that T-Rex would be there this month, of course we had to go.

We discovered how the tail works to keep her balanced and how it helped in more ways than we could ever think of. Also how hard it was to balance that whole T-Rex with one little tail.

We saw through the eyes of a T-Rex and a Triceratops while we were visiting. Oh, and of course, we had our frightened, run away she's going to get you shot.

The other doctor's appointment this week was mine. While all my blood work is great, I am being sent for a few tests next week for something else. Prayers are greatly appreciated. While I'm trying not to worry about the future weeks testing, we decided another field trip was in order. (or rather I did).

The next town over has the Medieval Faire going on right now and we have never been. Some of our friends invited us to go with them and we had a blast.

There was a live chess match where Sheriff Nottingham and his men went up against Robin Hood. You can guess who won right?

This was really cool and apparently we sat on Nottingham's side... (We still secretly cheered for Robin)

It was a fierce battle for the spot on the chessboard.

There were coats of armor everywhere....

And my personal favorite? The Jousting competition. Wow was that awesome!!!

Oh and the sunburns? Well, only here in the South can you dress for winterish temps in the morning and be sunburned by the evening. :-) I always forget sunscreen when it's cooler out. Forgetting we are in the Sunshine State and it can become hot and sunny in no time. :) 

So that's just a taste of how our week went. Today we have a special surprise for our kiddo too. I'll share about that one next week!!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday

180. I'm thankful that everyday God speaks to you where you are. Maybe through your devotion. Maybe through a friend. Could be a family member or something someone else shares. Sometimes it's just a light bulb that goes off.

181. I'm thankful for changes coming about. You know the ones you make for health purposes. Yeah. Those. I'm thankful now that the results I'm going to see are positive.

182. I'm thankful for my home in the country where I can get out and walk around to clear my head.

183. I'm thankful for a son who never ceases to keep me laughing.

184. I'm thankful for the tough to get through days in homeschool, life, work whatever. Those days make the easier ones seem so much more of a blessing.

185. I'm thankful for Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. I have found some awesome ideas for new changes we are making in the house, our health and in our homeschool.

186. Fun field trips to get chased by a T- Rex.

187. A great report on my kiddos vision and how his eyes are progressing.

188. Learning to simplify and get rid of things that let me focus on my family more. Sometimes when you're doing stuff for the family you forget to do stuff WITH your family. 

189. Great friends, family and a church family that I can count on. 

So what are you thankful for this week? Share your blessings so we can rejoice together!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Lemon Cake with Lemon Buttercream Icing

Boo Bear has decided he wants to learn how to cook. That thrills me to no end! I love cooking, baking and creating in the kitchen. It's really and truly a labor of love to me.

I'm thinking what sparked this was watching cupcake wars on Netflix. He loves to watch that show and it's inspiring him to want to learn to cook more.

So this weekend we went in the kitchen and created a one layer lemon cake with lemon buttercream icing.

I love lemon stuff and so does my kiddo. Hubby was also enjoying the cake.

The only thing I want to do is figure out how to make the icing where it isn't as sweet. It's not as bad the next day but to begin with, whew!

So here's the recipe and our finished product. It's fairly easy and something can be whipped up in no time. I think it's a great recipe to have when you just want a small cake and not a lot of leftovers. It makes one layer and the icing we did made a good amount. You could adjust for whatever you like.

One Layer Lemon Cake: (Adapted from Betty Homes and Gardens Cookbook)

1 1/3 C all-purpose flour
2/3 C sugar
2 TSP baking powder
2/3 C milk
1/4 C butter, softened
1 egg
1 TSP Lemon Extract

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray Bakers Joy on 8 x 11/2 in round cake pan. Mix together your flour, sugar and baking powder. Add milk, butter, egg and lemon. Beat with a mixer at low speed until combined. Then beat on medium speed for one minute. Put the batter in the pan and cook for about 30 minutes or until your toothpick comes out clean. Cool in pan then place on your cooling rack to completely cool before icing.

Lemon Buttercream

1 stick of butter, softened
2 TSP of lemon extract
3-4 C of powdered sugar
Milk to make it thinned out

Mix all together with your electric mixer to the desired consistency. We added lemon extract to make it a little more lemony so you can play with the amounts to your desired taste.

Here it is :)

So what do you have cooking this week? Share your kid friendly recipes with me so I can try them out here!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Week in Review

Yay it's Friday! Whew! I have just spent some time working on my blog because I made a huge uh-oh. Came on the blog to write this post and found that my background was gone. Long story short, I tried fixing it and ended up having to redo all my widgets and background and ahhh!!!

Deep Breath.... So. Now I'll get to our week in review ;).

Last weekend we did get a new fire pit for our yard. This is something we have been wanting to do for awhile. We roasted hot dogs and made some smores last Sunday night as an end to a relaxing family weekend.

We made unique smores this time. Instead of melting chocolate we used some of the Reese's Spreads we had to review. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Best Smores ever! Okay, if you like peanut butter and chocolate they are :)

We had some beautiful weather this week and the clouds were truly amazing! It looked as if God took a paintbrush to the sky. Over look the huge tire sign in my yard. :) Hubby's project he's working on....

Our school week was pretty normal for us. We are working on catching up on some of our LA that we are behind on. Staying pretty much on top of everything else.

We had the last of our January science class this week. He was all talk after that discussing the animals they cared for and what experiences they had. Boo Bear was the water boy for the terrariums they visited.

We had a park day with a newer homeschool group where we live. It was a nice day to get out and he seemed to make friends.

Last week I also added some home ec to Boo Bear's schedule. He is asking to cook and I want him to learn as much as possible. It's a skill needed for boys and girls alike so I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen.

We made some cupcakes and he also offered to do the dishes.

We used our new decorating kit too which I'll share a review on this week. He did really well with the cooking and is learning to read the recipe and follow directions. They turned out really cute !

Boo Bear received a Solar System kit for Christmas so we also put that together this week. He has known his planets for awhile but it's always fun to work on it in a new way to review and enjoy it again. 

That's about how our week went. We have made some great progress and will finish up our Math chapter today with our final test on it. I'm looking for online programs for math, history and maybe science. He loves working online so I'd love to hear what programs you have fallen in love with!

How was your week?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday

170. Beautiful sunshiny days. In the winter it's a mix of dreary days for a while and then every once in awhile a few beautiful days show up.

171. Fresh farm eggs from friends at church

172. Yummy warm coffee to help me get going

173. The sound of laughter from my kiddo

174. Exciting park days with new friends. Making new friends is always exciting.

175. Seeing old friends at the park too

176. Watching a great movie with my two boys.

177. Reading a fun book with Boo Bear during school. We are reading The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P Figg right now. It's quite fun and he loves it. I am enjoying the fact that while I read it helps him focus a little more on his work.

178. Listening to this take place in our home. I'm so excited for him to learn and he's been after us for a year or more to do it. Molly was quite the attentive listener as well. 

179. Fun review packages arriving all at once. It's exciting to try out these new products and share them with you guys!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Review: New Adventures, New Stories and A New Do!

It's finally Friday! Wahoo! This week has been a good one but it doesn't really seem like Friday to me. I'm not sure what's up with that but hey, it is! So that means the weekend is here and fun family times too.

This past week we had a busy one. We worked on school work, had lunch with daddy, science class and lots of nasty weather. Seriously. It's been a dreary week here and maybe that's why my days aren't making sense. Yucky, rainy, no sun for days, colder temperatures miserable type weather. Makes it hard to do much of anything ya know?

On the school front.... We have been moving right along with our curriculum. I am happy to say that this years items are working out pretty well. The only thing we are slacking on is reading in our science book.He gets science from a lot of places and the book we're doing this year is the Land Animals. I hate to say it but honestly, this is just a simple review for him. This child tells me everything I'm about to read when I start on a section. He has the most animal knowledge crammed into his young mind that I've ever seen. This kid loves animals and knows more than I do about them.

We are still working on our telling time chapter in math. This one is an easy one for him although we are learning the meanings of terms like half past, quarter till. etc.

I'm really enjoying our Growing With Grammar series of grammar, writing and spelling. He seems to enjoy it too. It's simple lessons that do not take up a huge part of the day and he's getting it. He still hates to write a whole lot but we are working on that. :)

He is still loving the science classes on Thursdays. I love that he's working with kids of all ages and he loves that he gets to go with his favorite teacher at the science center. It also gives me some downtime during the middle of the day to have adult talks with the other mom's there.

New Adventure...
We all had a new adventure this past weekend. We went to the circus!! I admit I have never been in my entire life and this was Boo Bears first experience as well. Nana bought tickets and we headed down to surprise him as he didn't know he was going. He had a blast!!!

The acts were amazing and there were many gasps and "does her mama know she does that" type displays.
I know this isn't the best shot but this was one of our favorites. Boo Bear looked at me and said "Mom, that dude is crazy!!"

We also got to have Christmas with hubby's side of the family after Grandma was sick during the holidays. One of Boo Bear's favorite presents was a new telescope. We can't wait to use it but alas,,, remember the icky weather? It has been too cloudy to see anything. Maybe this weekend?

Boo Bear also had his first guitar lesson this week. I'm super excited for him to learn.

New Do... 
Mama got a new do this week :) . I'm going back today to have more red put in it as it wasn't popping quite as I or the stylist wanted. Here's a before and after...

We also had a beautiful sky this week as one of the storms passed. Here's the sky to one side:

And here's the amazing other side of our yard.

This picture does it no justice. This was a double rainbow that was one of the most vibrant I have ever seen.

So how did your week go?

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday

160. Homeschooling with my kiddo. While there are days I want to pull my hair out, throw my hands up and quit. There are more days that we have the best time laughing, learning and loving. These days are precious!

161. My morning coffee

162. The progress I'm seeing in Boo Bear. He's doing so well and I'm very proud of the progress I see. I'm also a little sad because he's growing up toooooo fast.

163. Relaxing days at home with my two boys

164. Planning trips and exciting adventures this year

165. My warm hoodie on a cold morning

166. Going back to my blog a year ago and finding posts like this one that I can see where God took it this year.

167. A new do for myself. It's been quite a while since I've done anything with my hair. I mean trims, yes. Coloring? Not for several years. It just felt like time for something a little new and fresh. I have (gasp!) grays to color too!

168. Building new friendships with our church. I can't say enough how amazed and thankful I am for our church family. 

169. How our Pastor connects with all ages. He's awesome and my son loves him and his family. I love the relationship my son is building and that he sees that the Pastor is approachable and there to help him if he needs it. I want him to see that he can go to him if he needs prayer or to be counseled. It's an amazing thing! Of course here, it's not a serious visit :). Boo Bear was telling jokes and had both of these two laughing :).